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German Gambling in 2006/7 Report

The growth will to be expected be accelerated by an predictable liberalization in the sports betting market and the Soccer World Cup in 2006. German pay-TV channel Premiere has placed a enormous bet on growth in the gambling sector -- and the odds are looking good. On August 1, the company started a novel channel, Premiere Win, which will completely broadcast betting sports.

Premiere Win viewers can go online and put bets with Premiere partner Betandwin, a personal bookmaker. German Football League (DSL) offers Germans to place bets via their online site and many other leagues are going the same path in order to expand their revenues.

We take for granted that in the long-standing 10,000 gambling offices will be opened in Germany" said the European Betting Association’s Norbert Heidelberger. Big spenders and big business is what pushing the betting industry in Germany forward on and on. Already big business understood the mighty power of the German gambling market and prepare to launch services fitted to service this industry such as special gambling-promoters companies and Web-casinos designers Gamblers spent three billion euros on sports bets only in 2004 which proves that there is still room for growth.

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