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Police to Investigate Prescott

The Scotland Yard is investigating whether John Prescott has broken anti-corrution laws by accepting hospitality from super casino bidder Philip Anschutz.

Claims are resounding that the deputyprime minister may have violated the 1906 and 1916 Prevention of Corruption Acts by staying at the Colorado ranch of Anschutz.

Anschutz is the owner of the Millennium Dome and is bidding to turn it into a super casino.

The anti-corruption laws prohibit Ministers from accepting hospitality from entities who are in the process of trying to obtain official contract.

The complaint was filed by Windsor-based businessman George Bathurst and Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker.

Prescott was already put in hot water when Parliamentary watchdogs berated him for not immediately declaring the visit to Anschut'z property last July where he was also presented with a gift of a Wild West outfit.

MPs on the Standards and Privileges Committee also prompted Prime Minister Tony Blair to launch an independent investigation on Prescott on basis of breaking the Ministerial Code, but Blair refused. Blair expressed allegiance to Prescott by saying that his meetings with Anschutz are justified, because it touches on issues of regeneration.

Prescott also says that allegations of conflict of interest are not true as he was not involved in either casino licenses or the sale of the Dome.

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